Talking about Health


Our CEO, Maria Urban, spoke about EvoEnzyme’s contribution to the future of Health organized by Women Startup Community and La Nave.

Commited to BioFormation


As part of our commitment to scientific tutelage, the founders of EvoEnzyme, Miguel and Francisco, gave a class on biocatalysis and enzymatic engineering to the students of the master’s degree in industrial biotechnology t from the Complutense University of Madrid and later visited our facilities where they enjoyed a practical work session on the evolution of directed enzymes.

At the LifeHub CSIC Workshop


Our founder Miguel Alcalde gave the conference “Travelling in the timeline of evolution” within the Origins and Synthetic Life workshop of the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the National Research Council of Spain.

Fundación Repsol visit us


Today we end the Fundación Repsol entrepreneurship program with a grand closing, our mentors visited the EvoEnzyme facilities. We are delighted to finally be able to meet in person and share all the progress we have made together this year. Thank you very much!

We were at ESAB WEBinar


Our founder Miguel Alcalde, from ICP-CSIC, were giving a lecture about recent advances in engineering fungal peroxygenases at the Enzyme Engineering Webminar organized by the European Society of Applied Biocatalysis.

EVOkit Launching


EvoEnzyme is proudly announcing the release of the EVOkit: the first screening kit in the market carrying a selected collection of laboratory evolved peroxygenases -UPOs- from different fun gal species.
With a broad activity and selectivity profile, the rapid oxyfunctionalization of complex organic compounds comes true for pharma and chemical processes. (More info).

We were at the III Spanish Days of Biocatalysis 2021


This week our evolvers were at the IIISPANISH DAYS OF BIOCATALYSIS,  Ivan Mateljak y Javier Viña were talking about our peroxygenase mutants applied for the Pharma & Environmental sector. Besides, our most recent advances in the BBI- BIZENTE PROJECT for thermoset composites biodegradation.

20th Parque Científico de Madrid Anniversary


Our CEO, María Urbano, was invited to speak about the challenges and needs of entrepreneurs together with other entrepreneurs and personalities from the Comunity of Madrid, Fundación para el Conocimiento Madri+d, CSIC, CIEMAT, UAM & UCM. (More info)

EvoEnzyme granted 


EvoEnzyme achieves, together with its partners (REPSOL, IMDEA Energi, ARIEMA Energia y Medioambiente y SEENSO Renoval), one of the two grants awarded by the Community of Madrid in its HUB INNOVACION call.

Our CTO, invited to talk about  innovation 


On the occasion of the visit of the Vice President for Universities, Science and Innovation of the Community of Madrid to the Parque Científico, EvoEnzyme has been selected to present its project as an example of a young company with high technological intensity that is a benchmark in the park. Our CTO, Bernardo Gómez, attended this great event.

EvoEnzyme funded by Torres Quevedo Program


EvoEnzyme has achieved a second grant from theTorres Quevedo program, funded by the Ministry of Science, allowing the company to incorporate a new PhD to its staff!

EvoEnzyme in BIOTRANS 2021


We are proud to introduce our first Peroxygenase based KIT (EVO -KIT) for the pharma and chemical sectors in the BIOTRANS Conference.

EvoEnzyme in OpenExpo21


Maria Urbano, EvoEnzyme´s CEO, will participate in this great event where she will talk about Entrepreneurship & Sustainability. Don’t miss it!



Miguel Alcalde, Founder of EvoEnzyme, participates in EXPOQUIMIA BIO talking about “Green Deal: the path to a climate neutral Europe”. Join us!

EvoEnzyme granted with NEOTEC 


EvoEnzyme selected by the CDTI – Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial as beneficiaries of this prestigious grant program, NEOTEC.

Miguel Alcalde in SusChem


Miguel Alcalde, Founder of EvoEnzyme, will participate in the round table on Chemistry and Sustainability during the next SusChem General assembly.

EvoEnzyme selected for acceleration!


EvoEnzyme has been selected to join the 9th Entrepreneurs Fund Startup Accelerator Program focused on technological projects for energy transition. Our company was selected among 1,275 candidates from 83 different countries. (more info).

BBI-H2020 BIZENTE Project


EvoEnzyme is participating as a full partner in the 4-year project BIZENTE (H2020-BBI-JTI-2019) aimed at degrading thermoset composites.

EVOFARMA Project: the CAM-RIS 3 grant


EvoFarma, the innovative EvoEnzyme´s project, has been granted with a CAM-RIS 3 for young innovative companies from the Community of Madrid and the European Regional development.

 Invited lecture at IQAC

04/03/2020 Barcelona, Spain.

Miguel Alcalde, EvoEnzyme Founder & Advisor, gave an invited lecture in the seminar program of IQAC.

EvoEnzyme 1st PATENT


EvoEnzyme signs an exclusive license agreement with CSIC for the exploitation of evolved peroxygenases (WO/2017/081355 approved in Europe and United States).

EvoEnzyme in COP25

02/12/2019 Madrid

The CSIC presents at COP25 six technology-based companies to face the challenges of climate change, and EvoEnzyme was one of them!!! (More info).

EvoEnzyme at TrEnCa 2019

29/11/2020, Benicassim, Spain.

Miguel Alcalde, EvoEnzyme Founder & Advisor, made an invited lecture introducing the Company.

EvoEnzyme collaboration


EvoEnzyme as collaborator of SynCell participated on SynCell2019.

An event in which scientists from all over the world were discussing the different applications of artificial cells in health, food, renewable energy and biomaterials. More info in: The European Synthetic Cell Initiative

EvoEnzyme in #WER19


The Women in Entrepeneurship European Roadshow 2019 organized by the European Young Innovators Forum selected Maria Urbano, our CEO and Co-Founder to join this event. She was one of the 300 women, 30 VCs, 10 cities in 1 year.