Improved enzymes with new functions

Directed evolution: the most revolutionary protein engineering method known to date

We use directed evolution to customized enzymes for different purposes and applications. In this procedure, we first create genetic diversity by random mutagenesis and/or the recombination of parental genes.

Once the mutant libraries are expressed in a suitable host organism, we can screen them in high-throughput platforms to search for specific biochemical traits. These include activity under extreme pH or temperatures, changes in substrate preferences, tolerance in the presence of strong inhibitors…

In this way, we can strictly control selective pressure until the desired properties are attained.

Leveraging Nature’s Blueprint

The Impact of Directed Evolution in Protein Engineering, an interview with Miguel Alcalde

Our Co Funder & Advisor Miguel Alcalde was interviewed by Azo Life Sciences at SLAS EU 2023 in Brussels, Belgium. Watch a fragment of the interview here or read the whole article.

Increased yield and efficiency of industrial processes

Our technological platform EVOSHUFFLER takes biocatalysts to the next level

With an ensemble of top-notch technologies in directed evolution based on the Saccharomyces cerevisiae machinery, we harness a variety of methods aimed at designing customized biocatalysts.

This unique approach offers huge versatility and ad-hoc solutions to different sectors, including the pharmaceutical, chemical, energy and environmental industries.


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Get to know the latest work from our team

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