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Due to the coming into force of the amendment to the «Law on Services of the Information Society» (LSSICE) established by Spanish Royal Decree 13/2012, it is mandatory to obtain the express consent of the user of all web pages that use non-essential cookies before browsing them.


Cookies and other similar technologies such as local shared objects, flash cookies or pixels, are tools used by Web servers to store and retrieve information about their visitors, as well as to enable the proper functioning of the site.

Through using these devices, the Web server is able to remember some data concerning the user, such as their preferences for viewing the server’s pages, their name and password, products that interest them most, etc.


According to the EU directive, the cookies that require the user’s informed consent are analysis, advertising and affiliation cookies, while technical cookies and those that are necessary for the operation of the website or the provision of services expressly requested by the user are exempt.



  • Technical and functional cookies: allow the user to navigate through a website, platform or application and the use of different options or services available in it.
  • Analysis cookies: allow the controller to monitor and analyse the behaviour of the users of the websites they are linked to. The information collected by this type of cookie is used to measure the activity of the websites, application or platform and to carry out browsing profiling of the users of said sites, applications and platforms, with the purpose of introducing improvements in the analysis of the user data carried out by service users.
  • Advertising cookies: allow management, in the most efficient way possible, of advertising spaces which, if applicable, the editor has included in a website, application or platform from where requested service is provided based on data such as the edited content or frequency with which advertisements are made.
  • Behavioural advertising cookies: collect information on the user’s personal preferences and choices (retargeting) in order to allow management, in the most efficient way possible, of the advertising spaces which, if applicable, the editor has included in a website, application or platform from where the requested service is provided.
  • Social cookies: established by the social network platforms in the services to allow content to be shared with friends and networks. The social media platforms have the ability to track activity online outside the Services. This may affect the content and messages seen in other services used.
  • Affiliate cookies: allow you to track visits through links from other websites, with which the website establishes affiliate agreements (affiliate companies).
  • Security cookies: store encrypted information to avoid the stored data in them being vulnerable to malicious attacks by third parties.


  • Own cookies: are sent to the user’s terminal team from a team or power managed by the own editor and from where the requested service is provided by the user.
  • Third party cookies: are sent to the user’s terminal team from a team or power which is not managed by the editor, but by another body which processes data obtained through the cookies.


  • Session cookies: are a type of cookie designed to collect and store data as long as the user accesses a website.
  • Permanent cookies: are a type of cookies where data continues to be stored in the terminal and may be accessed and processed for a period of time defined by the cookie controller, and that can range from a few minutes to several years.


EvoEnzyme SL is the Controller of the personal data of the Data Subject and informs them that these data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of 27 April 2016 (GDPR), and therefore the following information on the processing is provided:

Purposes of the data processing: as specified in the cookies section which are used on this website.

Legitimacy of the processing: for legitimate interest of the Controller: technicacookies and following consent of the data subject: behaviour and advertising analysis cookies.

Data storage criteria: as specified in the cookies section used on the website.

Data communication: data will not be disclosed to third parties, except in cookies owned by third parties or under legal obligation.

Rights of the Data Subject:

– Right to withdraw this consent at any time .
– Right of access, rectification, portability and erasure of the data and those of limitation or opposition to their processing.
– Right to submit a complaint to the Supervisory Authority ( if they consider that the processing does not comply with current legislation.

Contact information to exercise their rights:

EvoEnzyme SL. C/Grecia, 80 4 – 28341 Valdemoro (Madrid). Email:


Technical and functional cookies

PHPSESSIDTechnicalOwnIt contains the session identifierWhen you close your browserSession
_langTechnicalOwnIt contains the session languageWhen you close your browserSession
ac_cookiesTechnicalOwnIt contains the value of whether the installation of cookies has been accepted1 yearPersistent
counterTechnicalOwnUsed to count the number of accesses made to the page per session1 yearPersistent
viewed_cookie_policyTechnicalOwnUsed to remember preferences with regards to the established Cookies Policy1 yearPersistent
_icl_current_languageTechnicalOwnUsed to remember the language selected by the user and show them content in that same language during browsing1 hourSession

Analytical cookies:

_gaAnalyticalGoogle AnalyticsIt enables the unique visits control function. This cookie will be installed the first time a user logs into the website using a browser. When this user visits the website again using the same browser, the cookie distinguishes that it is the same user. Only if the user changes their browser will they be considered a different user2 yearsPersistent
_gatAnalyticalGoogle AnalyticsIt is used to limit the request rate – limiting the collection of data on high-traffic sites10 minutesSession
_gidAnalyticalGoogle AnalyticsIt is used to profile users24 hoursSession
_utmaAnalyticalGoogle AnalyticsIt records the date of the first and last time that the user visited the website2 yearsPersistent
_utmbAnalyticalGoogle AnalyticsIt records the time of entering the website30 minutesSession
_utmcAnalyticalGoogleUsed for interoperability with the urchin.js tracking code1 yearSession
_utmtAnalyticalGoogle AnalyticsIt processes the type of request made by the userAt the end of the sessionSession
_utmvAnalyticalGoogle AnalyticsIt segments demographic dataAt the end of the sessionSession
_utmzAnalyticalGoogle AnalyticsIt stores the traffic source or a campaign that explains how the user reached the website6 monthsPersistent

Learn more about disabling Google Analytics cookies:

  1. Google Privacy policy
  2. Google Analytics exclusion

Behavioural advertising cookies:

_gadsAdvertisingGoogleCookie associated with the service of Google so that the owner can gain credit1 yearPersistent
_sonarAdvertisingDoubleclick.netUsed to improve and guide advertising according to the content which is relevant for a user, improve the company performance reports and avoid showing notices that the user has seen Doubleclick.net1 yearPersistent
_ncuidAdvertisingGoogleUsed to measure the performance of the notices and provide recommendations relating to products based on statistical data6 monthsPersistent
IDEAdvertisingDoubleclick.netUsed for focusing, optimisation, presentation of reports and assignment of online notices.1 yearPersistent
AdvertisingAddThisUsed to enable the content to be shared.
AddThis is also used to gather information on how website content is shared

2 years, except for:

_conv_v: 1 year,
bt2: 8 months,
dt: 30 days,


You can also control ads and tracking technologies with the Ghostery app:

Social cookies:

c_user, frAdvertisingFacebookNecessary for the Facebook social plugin. Allows you to measure ad performance and provide recommendations30 daysPersistent
datr, sbTechnicalFacebookNecessary for the Facebook social plugin2 yearsPersistent
dprTechnicalFacebookNecessary for the Facebook social plugin30 minutesPersistent
xsTechnicalFacebookNecessary for the Facebook social plugin90 daysPersistent
wdTechnicalFacebookNecessary for the Facebook social plugin48 hoursPersistent
XSRF-TOKENTechnicalFacebookNecessary to control that all form submissions are made by the user currently logged in, preventing CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) attacks1 hourPersistent
_fbpAdvertisingFacebookNecessary to provide a number of advertising products, such as real time bids from advertising third parties3 monthsPersistent
guest_idAdvertisingTwitterTwitter Identifier2 yearsPersistent

More Information:

Affiliate cookies:

prli_clickAffiliatesPretty LinksNecessary to store statistical information of the clicks made on affiliate links30 daysPersistent
prli_visitorAffiliatesPretty LinksNecessary to store statistical information of the clicks made on affiliate links1 yearPersistent

Other cookies of third parties (Google, Youtube, Cloudflare, Bizible):

1P_JARAdvertisingGoogleTransfer data to Google to make the advertisement more attractiveIt expires 1 week following its activationPersistent
ANIDAdvertisingGoogleContains a unique randomly generated value which allows the Platform to distinguish browsers and devices. This information is used to measure the performance of the notices and provide recommendations relating to products based on statistical data1 yearPersistent
APISIDTechnicalGoogleIt stores user’s personal preferences and the information viewed on the pages with Google maps on them2 yearsPersistent
CONSENTAdvertisingGoogleContains a unique randomly generated value which allows the Platform to distinguish browsers and devices. This information is used to measure the performance of the notices and provide recommendations relating to products based on statistical data1 yearPersistent
HSIDTechnicalGoogleWhen creating or starting a session in a Google, this cookie will be stored2 yearsPersistent
SIDAdvertisingGoogleCollect information for the Google search engine included in the website (Google CSE)2 yearsPersistent
NIDAdvertisingGoogleThe «Google +1» button used on our website is lodged in Google, their browser sends information about the cookies which Google needs if the session remains active with the account, this data are used by Google with the aim of associating them with the account6 monthsPersistent
SAPISIDTechnicalYoutubeUsed to reproduce content1 yearPersistent
SIDCCAdvertisingGoogleUsed to provide services and extract anonymous information about browsing.3 monthsPersistent
SSIDAdvertisingGoogleCollect information for the Google search engine included in the website (Google CSE)3 monthsPersistent
PREFBehaviouralGoogleIt stores configuration preferences, such as preferred language, number of search results shown on the page or activation of Google’s SafeSearch filter10 yearsPersistent
DVTechnicalGoogleUsed to provide services and extract anonymous information about browsing10 minutesSession
UULETechnicalGoogle MapsIt allows the geolocation of the device24 hoursPersistent
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEBehaviouralYoutubeIt monitors the visits to videos embedded in the website240 daysPersistent
use_hitboxTechnicalYoutubeIt increases the «views» counter on the Youtube video.At the end of the sessionSession
SID, SSID, HSID, APISID, LOGIN_INFO, PREF, SAPISID, SIDCCTechnicalYoutubeTechnical Cookies used by Youtube

1 year, except for:

PREF: 7 months
SIDCC: 3 months

YSCTechnicalYoutubeIt measures video plays made by the user and logs the events of «Like» or «Share video»At the end of the sessionSession
_cfduidTechnicalCloudflareUsed to cancel the security restrictions based on the IP address of the visitor1 yearPersistent
_biz_flagsATechnicalBizibleMonitoring the user’s status. For example, if the user has sent a form, carried out migration of a cross-domain1 yearPersistent
_biz_nATechnicalBizibleSequence number that increases and adds to each Bizible server request for diagnostic purposes1 yearPersistent
_biz_pendingATechnicalBizibleTemporary cookie that contains all pending requests to be sent to the Bizible server1 yearPersistent
_biz_sidTechnicalBizibleSingle ID which identifies the session of each user30 minutesSession
_biz_uidTechnicalBizibleSingle ID which identifies each user1 yearPersistent
_BUIDTechnicalBizibleUniversal user ID which identifies the same user through various client domains1 yearPersistent

More Information:
More information:




1. Click on the Settings menu
2. Click Settings.
3. Click Show Advanced Options.
4. In the «Privacy and security» section, click Content Settings.
• Delete cookies: Click See all cookies and site data…
• Do not allow cookies to be stored.
5. Click Remove browsing data (clear cache).
6. Close and restart the browser.

For more information about Chrome, click here:

Internet Explorer. Version 11

1. Select Tools | Internet options.
2. Click on the General tab.
3. In «Browsing history», click Delete browsing history on exit.
4. Select Delete files.
5. Select Delete cookies.
6. Click Delete.
7. Click Accept.
8. Close and restart the browser.

For more information about Internet Explorer, click here:</a

Firefox. Version 65.0.1

1. Select Firefox | History | Clear recent history.
2. Next to «Details», click on the down arrow.
3. Select the next verification boxes: Cookies, Cache, Active Logins
. Click the drop-down menu next to «Time range to clear» and select Everything.
5. Click Clear Now.
6. Close and restart the browser.

You can accept or reject cookies individually in the Preferences menu, in the History available in Tools > Options > Privacy & Security.

For more information about Mozilla Firefox, click here:
Safari Version 5.1

1. Click the Safari icon / Edit | Reset Safari.
2. Select the next verification boxes: Clear history, Remove All Website Data
3. Click Reset.
4. Close and restart the browser.

For more information about Safari, click here:


Options – Advanced – Cookies.
The cookie settings control how Opera handles them and therefore if they are accepted or rejected.

For more information about Opera, click here:

Other browsers

Refer to the documentation for the browser you have installed.