Very grateful to the OEPM (Spanish Patent and Trademark Office) for choosing us along with 15 other companies as a success story of an innovative and competitive company that incorporates Industrial Property rights into its business strategy as a generator of valuable assets for the company.
It is an honor to be accompanied in this publication “Industrial Property and its influence on business success. Green and sustainable technologies, the basis of economic transformation” together with renowned companies and institutions such as CSICECOALFAlgaEnergy,@EnergyIOT, @BCircular,TAGUA,HyperIn,INDESLA Packaging, SL, @Monsol, NABRAWIND TECHNOLOGIES, @PassionMotorbikeFactory, @Platic Repair, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid y Vortex Bladeless Wind Power.
I leave you a link to the publication so you don’t miss it!

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