We are enzyme evolvers

EvoEnzyme designs customized biocatalysts through directed evolution

From bioremediation to drug discovery

Our cutting-edge technology provides enzyme-based solutions for the pharmaceutical, chemical and environmental industries


Our technology contributes to the achievement of the SDGs set by the United Nations.

Helping researchers and companies

We provide solutions tailored to your needs


We design your enzyme by directed evolution

We design your enzyme by directed evolution

Get the first screening kit containing evolved peroxygenases

Get the first screening kit containing evolved peroxygenases

Choose your evolved ligninolytic enzyme

Choose your evolved ligninolytic enzyme

Why EvoEnzyme

What sets us apart

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We are scientists

Founded by experienced staff scientists at the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) with a strong background in applied biocatalysis, we understand your needs.


We use pioneering technologies

We adopt cutting edge approaches for directed enzyme evolution, together with a broad portfolio of enzyme libraries.

We are flexible

We adapt our protocols of directed evolution to your specific problem, obtaining optimal results in an affordable manner.

We care for you

Our customer relations are our top priority. We guarantee continuous communication and feedback with your laboratory to find the best solution for you.

We are sustainable

We connect industrial biotechnology with green chemistry.


A trusted company

Dozens of companies and institutions already count on us

Funding institutions

The supporters to our work

Awards & Recognition

The proof of our quality

EvoEnzyme selected by El Referente among the 25 Spanish startups to consider in 2023

11/01/23 – We were selected by El Referente, the first leading newspaper in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, among the 25 Spanish startups to consider in 2023.

EvoEnzyme selected success story by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM)

29/12/22 – OEPM chose EvoEnzyme along with others as a success story of an innovative and competitive company that incorporates Industrial Property rights into its business strategy.

EvoEnzyme selected as Deep Tech Pioneers!

01/12/22 – EvoEnzyme was named one of Hello Tomorrow’s Deep Tech Pioneers.

EvoEnzyme, Innovatia Finalist

08/10/20 – EvoEnzyme chosen as finalist in Innovatia 8.3 contest.

EvoEnzyme, “Innovative SME Seal”

29/09/20 – EvoEnzyme granted with the innovative SME seal awarded by the Ministry of Sciencie and Innovation of the Governement of Spain.

EvoEnzyme in Repsol Foundation acceleration program

07/07/20 – EvoEnzyme has been chosen from among the 1,275 proposals received, from 83 different countries, in the Entrepreneurs Fund call.

EvoEnzyme, “Revelation Start-up Award 2019”

26/09/19 – During the “III Inspiring Women Leaders in the Digital Era” event held at the Repsol headquarters in Madrid, the Women’s Start-up Community awarded EvoEnzyme the title of “Revelation Start-up of 2019”.

EvoEnzyme, “Revelation Start-up Award 2019”

03/04/19 – The Women in Entrepeneurship European Roadshow 2019, organized by the European Young Innovators Forum, selected our CEO and Co-Founder Maria Urbano to join this event. She was one of the 30 women who were given the opportunity to talk to VCs and entrepreneurs at this roadshow, an event that will be held in 10 cities over the year.

EvoEnzyme, The most innovative technological Health initiative

18/12/18 – Last December (2018), EvoEnzyme was awarded the Madri+D Foundation “Madrid Health Start-up prize”, which aims to promote the most promising Spanish biotech start-up companies in the field of healthcare


The institutions behind our expertise