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EvoEnzyme commercializes evolved ligninolytic enzymes and mutant libraries of fungal peroxygenases, high-redox potential laccases, versatile peroxidases and aryl alcohol oxidases for pharmaceutical, chemical, and environmental applications.

Directed enzyme evolution is our speciality: we developed directed evolution strategies to resolve your specific problem. Want to learn more about directed evolution? Click here: (


Learn more about EU BBI Bizente Project 


Bizente Project has just started. Visit our website and YouTube channel and know more about it!. (More info).

The Newspaper La Razón interviews us


The section “Innovadores” of La Razón interviews EvoEnzyme founders. (more info).

EvoEnzyme funded by Torres Quevedo Program


EvoEnzyme has achieved a grant from theTorres Quevedo program, funded by the Ministry of Science, allowing the company to incorporate a new PhD to its staff!


EvoEnzyme selected for acceleration!


EvoEnzyme has been selected to join the 9th Entrepreneurs Fund Startup Accelerator Program focused on technological projects for energy transition. Our company was selected among 1,275 candidates from 83 different countries. (more info).


BBI-H2020 BIZENTE Project


EvoEnzyme is participating as a full partner in the 4-year project BIZENTE (H2020-BBI-JTI-2019) aimed at degrading thermoset composites.

Madri+d interviews our CEO


Maria Urbano, CEO of EvoEnzyme, has been interviewed by Madri+d. (More info).

EvoEnzyme joins Susplast


EvoEnzyme joins the CSIC Susplast (Interdisciplinary Platform for Sustainable Plastics towards a Circular Economy) to implement plastics management within a circular economy:

EVOFARMA Project: the CAM-RIS 3 grant


EvoFarma, the innovative EvoEnzyme´s project, has been granted with a CAM-RIS 3 for young innovative companies from the Community of Madrid and the European Regional development.

 Invited lecture at IQAC

04/03/2020, Barcelona, Spain.

Miguel Alcalde, EvoEnzyme Founder & Advisor, gave an invited lecture in the seminar program of IQAC.

EvoEnzyme at the III Simposio de la Unidad de Excelencia Química Aplicada, Biomedicina y Medioambiente

17/01/ 2020, University of Granada, Spain.

Miguel Alcalde, EvoEnzyme Founder & Advisor, made an invited lecture introducing the Company.

EvoEnzyme 1st PATENT


EvoEnzyme signs an exclusive license agreement with CSIC for the exploitation of evolved peroxygenases (WO/2017/081355 approved in Europe and United States).

EvoEnzyme in COP25

2/12/2019 Madrid

The CSIC presents at COP25 six technology-based companies to face the challenges of climate change, and EvoEnzyme was one of them!!! (More info).

EvoEnzyme at TrEnCa 2019

29/11/ 2020, Benicassim, Spain.

Miguel Alcalde, EvoEnzyme Founder & Advisor, made an invited lecture introducing the Company.

EvoEnzyme, “Revelation Startup Award 2019”

During “III Inspiring Women Leaders in the digital Era” event in Repsol in Madrid, Women StartupCommunity awarded to EvoEnzyme as the Revelation Startup of 2019.
For further information, please visit


EvoEnzyme collaboration


EvoEnzyme as collaborator of SynCell participated on SynCell2019.

An event in which scientists from all over the world were discussing the different applications of artificial cells in health, food, renewable energy and biomaterials. More info in:

EvoEnzyme in #WER19

The Women in Entrepeneurship European Roadshow 2019 organized by the European Young Innovators Forum selected Maria Urbano, our CEO and Co-Founder to join this event. She was one of the 300 women, 30 VCs, 10 cities in 1 year. (More info).

EvoEnzyme, The most innovative technological initiative in Health

Last December 2018, EvoEnzyme was awarded with the first prize of Madrid Health Start from Madri+D Foundation, which promotes the launch of the most promising start-ups biotech companies in the field of health in Spain. (More info).


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*For a full list of publications, see