EvoEnzyme, S.L. is the first Spanish Company specialized in the design of enzymes by directed evolution for various biotechnological applications.

Our scientific background stems from the academy (Miguel Alcalde Laboratory, Institute of Catalalysis CSIC, Spain), which has been working for over two decades in developing novel strategies for applied biocatalysis and protein engineering by directed evolution.

At EvoEnzyme we work closely with our clients, seeking efficient solutions to their problems by designing robust and versatile enzymes for applications  in the chemical, pharmaceutical and environmental fields.


Miguel Alcalde

Co Founder & Advisor

CSIC Research Professor. Expert on directed evolution and applied biocatalysis.

Maria Urbano

Co Founder & CEO

Expert in business development, managing, marketing and communication.

Francisco Plou

Co Founder & Advisor

CSIC Research Professor. Expert in enzyme chemistry and biotransformations.

Bernardo Gómez

Co Founder & CTO

PhD in Biotechnology. Expert in Synthetic Biology, directed evolution and enzyme resurrection.

Javier Viña

Co Founder & Science Manager

PhD in Biochemistry.  Expert in library creation methods and high-throughput screening protocols.

Ivan Mateljak


PhD in Biotechnology. Expert in directed evolution and enzyme chimeragenesis.

Miguel Angel Nieto


PhD in Biotechnology . Expert in Bioprocess and Strain engineering for Recombinant Protein Production (RPP).

Patricia Gómez


PhD in Microbiology . Expert in directed evolution and unspecific peroxygenase engineering.

Carmen Alcalde


Expert in Administration

Visiting Students

Mikel Dolz

Visiting Student

Sara Andres

Visiting Student

Pablo Velázquez

Visiting Student

Advisory Board

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Seema Singh

Director of biomass petreatment and process development and Deputy Vice President, the Joint Bioenergy Institute, Washington, USA.

Expert in ligninolityc enzymes and biorefineries.

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Humin Zhao

Chair Professor University of Urbana-Champaign. Ilinois, USA.

Expert in directed evolution and synthetic biology.

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Frank Hollman

Professor at Tudelft University, Netherlands.

Expert in biocatalysis and organic synthesis.

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Sarel – Jacob Fleishman

Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel.

Expert in computational protein design.

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Pierre Monsan

Emiritus Professor INSA, University of Toulouse, France.

Founder and Advisor of several biotech companies; CEO-CSO Cell-Easy.

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Martin Hofrichter

Professor Technical University of Dresden, Germany.

Expert in environmental biotechnology specially with ligninolytic oxidoreductases.


Roland Wohlgemuth

Professor Lodz University of Technology, Poland.

Expert in applied biocatalysis.