We are Evolvers


What We Do

Commercialization of evolved ligninolytic enzymes

EvoEnzyme is a spin-off from the Institute of Catalysis, CSIC, Spain, which focuses its activities on the commercialization of ligninolytic enzymes engineered by directed evolution for different industrial sectors, together with the development of directed evolution projects.

Miguel Alcalde Group

EvoEnzyme has just been founded after over 15 years of research at the Miguel Alcalde group, (, whose more relevant findings have been transferred to the company.

Portfolio of mutant libraries

EvoEnzyme has a wide portfolio of mutant libraries, including peroxygenases for the pharma and chemical industries as well as laccases and peroxidases for the long-pursued lignocellulose biorefineries.

Variety of methods

With an ensemble of top-notch technologies, EvoEnzyme offers a variety of methods for library creation and screening aimed at designing customized biocatalysts.

The most innovative technological
initiative in Health


Last December 2018, EvoEnzyme was awarded with the first prize of Madrid Health Start program from Madri+D Foundation, which promotes the launch of the most promising start-ups biotech companies in the field of health in Spain (



Institute of Catalysis, ICP-CSIC
Cantoblanco 28049, Madrid, Spain.